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Over three days the Creative Camp Ticino offered intense training session, masterclass and seminars. Participants got insight of the problems and strategies behind the transmedia production and on how to develop immersive storytelling. The workshop discussed the principles and methods of designing immersive storytelling, persistent narratives and managing multi-platform and social media as well as real-time messaging tools. All seminars have been organized as panels and training activities focused on partners’ projects (2 Switzerland, 1 Slovenia, 1 Austria, 3 Italy, 1 Germany) dealing insights of issues encountered in design transmedia projects.

Development Lab

The Creative Camp will be led by international audiovisual and interaction experts engaged in a three-days Development Lab.

Participants attending the Creative Camp with a pre-developed idea of an interactive project will be firstly introduced to the interactive storytelling fundamentals. They will then be accompanied in the definition and refining of a first working concept with the mentors through: project-led group works, one-to-one coaching and individual work.

A final public presentation of the developed projects will end the Creative Camp and will take place in the presence of well-established producers, commissioning editors, distributors and financiers alongside audiovisual industry representatives.

Projects Presentation


The 8 projects fine-tuned during the Development Lab will be presented at Biblioteca Cantonale di Locarno.

You can read more about projects here.